Composting food scraps and other organics is becoming more important these days. Landfills are filling up and creating methane, a harmful greenhouse gasses (GHGs). It’s also getting more expensive to truck the material around due to gas prices, so reducing our organic waste at home is not only reducing GHGs, it also gives us a nourishing garden amendment that will support our food and flower crops each year.

Starting to compost can be a bit overwhelming as there are many ways to do it and each have their own specific needs to ensure safety and quality output. We can help you select the best system for your needs, install it and share strategies to keep it clean, smelling fresh and avoiding pests.

3 bin up-cycled pallet compost system hands-on build session.

Whew, say that three times fast!

We bring the guidance, design plans, the pallets, the wood, the tools and the parts and your group builds it together! A great team-building exercise, plus you get to learn about composting as you build.

Full Day.

To inquire about available dates & up to date pricing.

Upcycled Compost system at the Lighthouse Food Forest

Compost Education (virtual or in-person)

Want to go a bit deeper into your soil and learn about microbes and nematodes, carbon:nitrogen ratios and aerated static piles? Want your school class to understand what’s going on under the soil’s surface so they can visualize the importance of composting food scraps and have a close-up look at worms and more of the Soil-Food web?

1 1/2 hours – $150 plus tax & mileage for travel

Home Vermicompost Starter Kits


Includes vented 50 Litre bin, 1 litre Red Wiggler Worms, starter bedding, hand cultivator, detailed instructions. While supplies last.

Available only in the Vernon & Coldstream areas currently.

*Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Home Composting consultation (virtual)

Need help deciding which compost system is best for you, what you may have been doing wrong or how to improve your final product? Many people have the best intentions with a compost bin but say it “doesn’t work”, not knowing that there are a few key things you can do to drastically reduce your organic waste.

1/2 hour – $45 plus tax