Lekker Land Design can help you create an

abundant, eco-friendly landscape and property and support your project’s climate positive goals.

  • Project design, consultation and management
  • Reduce greenhouse gasses by properly and safely composting at home
  • Eco-friendly landscape services, recommendations and designs
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies
  • Rainwater harvesting system installation (coming soon)
  • Compost system recommendation, installation and education
  • Public Presentations, both online and in-person

“Lekker” means DELICIOUS in Dutch!

We work with you to create edible, medicinal, water-wise, permaculture-inspired, zero-waste, natural outdoor spaces that will nourish you for years to come while lowering grocery bills and your environmental footprint. That’s “lekker”!

As the climate changes and things in the Interior of BC get drier and hotter, we all need strategies for reducing our water usage, increasing our personal food security while creating a space that is joyful and comfortable to spend time in!

Local food security, waste reduction and soil building are all more important than ever and people are realizing the benefits of growing their own food closer to home, while also reducing organic waste.

We source local and environmentally conscious materials, use up-cycling techniques and inspirations, and teach as we design and install. We include education in our services because we want you to build land connections and eco-knowledge that will increase your feelings of stewardship and compassion for your ecosystem.

Keli Westgate

Certified Permaculture Designer


A lover of the land, connector of ideas, muse for gardeners, wealth of knowledge and experience in arid climate gardening.

My passion is helping communities, homeowners and organizations increase organic food security, build resilience and gain valuable and important connections to the natural world.

Less of a garden maintenance service, more of a coach, guidance counsellor, time-saver, health promoter and knowledge sharer.

My 1st year gardening was more successful than I could’ve hoped for … due to Keli’s knowledge and gardening tips.She also nurtured ‘ME’ – from educating me on what types of soil to use, to simple ways of composting.She’d give me advice AND education! Knowledge! I actually grew the ingredients to make my own pasta sauce from scratch!!!! Thank you Keli !

Celeste S., London, ON

“Keli was a knowledgeable resource for me as I researched composting options in my bear-aware community. She gave me some great ideas and lots of helpful basic information about how composting works (and doesn’t work). I appreciate her commitment to sustainable agriculture and just being better stewards of the planet. She’s approachable and friendly. Thank you Keli!”

Felicity R., Penticton, BC

Our Sustainable Development Goals / Commitments (SDGS)