Rainwater Collection

There are so many great reasons to collect rainwater at home!

Being the driest watershed in Canada, the Okanagan gets very little rain, and when we do get it, it can come in hard bursts that can erode and wash away soil and that’s not a very efficient use of it.

We can help you collect that rainwater when it comes, and slow it down so that we get to use it when we need it. Also, plants tend to prefer rainwater, maybe you’ve even noticed.

Harvest rain for fire protection.

After historic fires in our region, we have (hopefully) learned the lesson that business as usual is no longer an option. Having some rainbarrels or cisterns around your home can act as a safety precaution when things get a bit too hot.

We’ll help you find the right size and style cisterns and barrels to suit your unique water situation and make sure all the parts you need are included with delivery.